Monday, January 23, 2012


God told His people not to use hewn stones when building His altars. The tools used in shaping stones would profane them, rendering them unfit for sacrifices. (EXO 20:24-25) The same is true of our lives: we must not interfere with His shaping, transforming process in order for it to be effectual in our lives. We must submit to the Holy Spirit as lively stones and allow Him to be the molding tool, through the word of God, that makes us suitable living sacrifices to God.

He said to build the altar for peace offering from earth, the same thing He built us from. (GEN 3:19) As we make the sacrifices of the heart and spirit that He requires, He will record His name on our hearts, and bless us with His purpose for our lives.  We are His temple, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.
Image courtesy of Frédéric MICHEL

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