Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed

Jericho Daily Liberty Weekend

It has been nearly a year since the Lord birthed the whole Jericho Daily concept in my spirit.  In that time He has ministered to me many different ways that it can be applied.  In order to continue to build on this He has instructed me to make the first book available for free, while He ministers to me the completion of the second book.  From June 29th through July 2nd, Jericho Daily: A Journey Into Personal Prophecy will be available for free on the Amazon website.

In addition, he has led me to post the following excerpt from the preface to the second book, Jericho Daily: Walking with God.

The ascendancy of mankind is only by the grace of God.  Learning to walk in the flesh is no small accomplishment for an infant.  Walking in the Spirit is an impossible task for the infant nature of mankind.  That is why God has empowered us with His Holy Spirit.  We are to become His
kings and priests for timeless ageless eternity, but this can never be accomplished before we learn to discern the lessons that He intends for us to take from this brief manifestation of our spirit in the physical realm called flesh.  This life is merely a proving ground for a much higher and greater calling: we are to operate the same way He did at creation; after He has imparted His nature fully to us in glorified bodies and walking in the Spirit in demonstration of His supreme ability to bring ANYTHING He purposes to come to pass.  In effect, the goal is He will have taken the dust of the earth, filled it with His spirit nature, imparted His divine abilities and purged all possibility of rebellion, so that we will become extensions of Him, functioning as a unit to fill the vast reaches of void with His glory and power and brightness.  Glory to God!

Let us remember Who established the greatness of the United States for His good pleasure. He said He would bless those who bless His chosen people Israel, and He has done so in this country.  It is dangerous to walk away from this path, for this is His covenant with mankind through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and the church has been engrafted into this very covenant.  Independence Day begins with dependence on God, for He is the source of all freedom.  May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified again in EVERY aspect of American society!

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