Sunday, March 25, 2012


And in the electric, crystalline dawn, the wind and the fountain are become one. The willow of mourning receives the water of life and the desire is the tree of life. As a mighty powerful arc that jumps across the threshold of hope, and the willow of mourning made whole beside the tree of life. The wind stirs the branches of life, and the water from the fountain drips like honey from the boughs, like rain in the desert. Out of the Living Stone proceeds the fountain. Highways in the desert leading to the nexus of the rain. Highways in the desert culminating at the intersection of the Wind and the Fountain. The Poet of our souls has written His internunciation into His body, righteousness arising afresh in the latter rain. The first campaign is complete. The Fountain springs forth from the Living Stone in the midst of the desert, watering the garden where the willow of mourning had stood. The Wind carries the water throughout the desert, living water rushing from the Fountain to refresh the willowed souls. The oasis grows in the new crystalline dawn, the Spirit abides with the pools of living water forming in the new electric dawn. The arc of the covenant flashes across the red sand, living water conducting the current of electric power to each living branch of the tree of life. Joined in electromagnetic splendor, the glory of the Lord moves in the Spirit through the branches of the tree of life. Abundant life in the latter rain. Dayspring in the rain in the desert. The first campaign is complete.